Fourth National Breed Specialty Show

October 9th, 10th and 11th, 2009

In conjunction with

American Rare Breed Association
Windy City Classic Show

Leroy Oaks Forest Preserve
37W 370 Dean Street
Kane, IL 60175

Friday October 9th

We will had a casual meet and greet outside in the Hotel parking lot area on the greenbelt. Were we enjoyed a mini conformation training class to help the new to the ring participents. It was a great way to start the weekend activities.

This year we had a special treat for our Meet and Greet. Jan Conradt with her poodle Dickenstaught to teach us the basics of Canine Freestyle. Fun was had by all.

Saturday October 10th

The specialty was the second show of the day. Our guest judge, Bengt-Åke Borgren from Sweden evaluated each dog during the competition. A written critique of his evaluations was issued to all participants. The critique are displayed on the Members Only section of the Web site along with the past Specialty critiques. Bengt-Ake Borgren later that night gave a lecture and presentation at a no-host dinner.

Specialty Results

Puppy Class 3-6 months Male

  1. Stolta Ebbas Einride of Sweden (Jet)

9-15 months male:

  1. Excellent, Emerald City's Ali (Trygve)
  2. Very good, Golden Gate's Chico (Chico)

Open male:

  1. Excellent, My Bonnie Oelleboelle Olellebroed (Ranger)
  2. Very good, Annika's Joaquin (Frisco)
  3. Very good, My Bonnie Perikles Perleloeg (Bailey)
  4. Very good, Flora's Ollaliberry (Target)

The male competition for winners:

Winners dog: My Bonnie Oelleboelle Oellebroed (Ranger)
Reserve winner: Emerald City's Ali (Trygve)

9-15 months Female:

  1. Excellent, Little Denmark's Mount Silverheels (Sussi)
  2. Very good, Little Denmark's Sunlight Peak (Ginger)
  3. Very good, Golden Gate's Calistoga (Cali)
  4. Very good, Emerald City's Daisy (Daisy)

Open Females

  1. Excellent, Little Denmark's Berta The Adventurer (Greta)
  2. Very good, Javika's Bestle Nestle Kakao Ko (Kikka)
  3. Very good, Little Denmark's Annie Oakley (Birkita)
  4. Very good, Pacific Rim's Blondie (Blondie)

The female competition for winners:

Winners Bitch: Little Denmark's Mount Silverheels (Sussi)
Reserve winner: Little Denmark's Berta The Adventurer (Greta)

Best of breed/best of opposite sex/best of winners competition:

CH class: (Not placed in any order, other than alphabetical, and champions first)

Flora's Annika (Annika) Excellent
Gonzo's Folmer (Vago) Excellent
Javika's Prinsesse Madeleine (Maddy) Excellent
winners bitch, Little Denmark's Mount Silverheels (Sussi)
winners dog, My Bonnie Oelleboelle Oellebroed (Ranger)

Best of Breed/ Best of winners:

My Bonnie Oelleboelle Oellebroed (Ranger)

Best of Opposite sex:

Little Denmark's Mount Silverheels (Sussi)

Special Fundraising Classes

Like last year we have added four extra show categories to our specialty. Entries were open to ALL Danish/Swedish Farmdogs, intact or altered.

Special Class Results

Best Head

1. Emerald City's Ali (Trygve)
2. My Bonnie Oelleboelle Oellebroed (Ranger)
3. Annika's Joaquin (Frisco)

Best Angulation

1. Little Denmark's Mount Silverheels (Sussi)
2. Gonzo's Folmer (Vago)
3. Winther's Lucy (Lucy)

Best Movement

1. Gonzo's Folmer (Vago)
2. My Bonnie Oelleboelle Oellebroed (Ranger)
3. Javika's Prinsesse Madeleine (Maddy)


1. Annika's Joaquin (Frisco)
2. Golden Gate's Chico (Chico)
3. Javika's Bestle Nestle Kakao Ko (Kikka)