Code of Ethics

  1. I will acquaint myself with the Federation Cynoligique Internationale (FCI) approved Breed Standard for the Danish/Swedish Farmdog (DSF). 
  1. In compliance with the DSFCA and ASPCA (American Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), I will ensure humane treatment, including proper feeding, maintenance, health care and training, for all my animals and will encourage others to do the same.
  1. I will record any natural Bob-tails as part of their Pedigree.  Out of respect to the Countries of Origin, I will refrain from docking tails, cropping ears, removing dew claws, or surgically enhancing any part of my dog, unless neccesary due to injury or deformity.  Any such action shall be noted on Pedigree.
  1. I will exhibit sportsman like conduct at all events and competitions that will reflect on me and the breed, and will encourage others to do so.  I will refrain from public criticism and malicious degrading of others and their dogs.
  1. I will commit myself to continuing education in matters pertaining to the health, care and training of the Danish/Swedish Farmdog.
  1. If I breed, I will strive to improve the DSF breed according to the FCI Breed Standard.  I will conscientiously plan each breeding using only healthy parents of appropriate temperament, appearance and other desirable qualities. I will comply with all breeding guidelines set forth by DSFCA.
  1. I will be open with all persons interested in the welfare of the DSF and will discuss possible physical or temperament defects in my own stock.
  1. I will act responsibly in regards to all puppies produced by my breeding for the lifetime of the puppies.  I will never knowingly sell to, or place a DSF with unethical persons or those who would not provide proper and humane care to the dog.  I will refuse to sell or place any DSF with any pet shop or to any wholesale dealer in dogs, or to persons known to operate puppy mills.
  1. Should I become aware of the mistreatment, abuse or need for relocation of any DSF, I will make every effort to be of assistance by notifying the breeder of the dog and the appropriate local authorities.  I will assist in any other manner in which I am able.
  1. I agree to abide Constitution, Bylaws and Code of Ethics of the DSFCA, American Rare Breed Association and American Kennel Club.