Pingo and Susan in DenmarkSummer Adventure in Denmark - Danish Swedish Farmdog Paradise

To help her master French, I dropped my 14 year old daughter Marissa with friends in Paris this past summer for a three-week immersion.  I "chaperoned" her flight over, but once there, it was time to get out of the way.  I couldn't be there since each time she'd see me, Marissa would think and speak in English.

Three weeks off Mommy duty in Europe.  What to do? Obvious for this Danish/Swedish Farmdog owner: meet Skoen's dad, Pingo in Denmark.

Lisette Larsen with her Danish/Swedish Farmdogs
My friends and family thought I was crazy, but I was determined. I adore our "dual national" Danish Swedish Farmdog. I already know Skoen's mother, Annika, a San Franciscan. This would be a perfect time to meet Skoen's Father, Oh Mein Papa, aka Pingo in the Danish countryside.

Plus, I had always wanted to visit Scandinavia but hadn't had the chance.

Carol connected me with Pingo's breeder, Marianne Schlüter, and we arranged for me to visit her farm not far from Copenhagen.

Since I was going to Denmark, Helene suggested that I also visit Lisette Larsen, another key DSF Breeder.  I learned that until he passed away last spring, Skoen's Great Grandfather Stump lived with Lisette.

Lisette's House with FarmdogsBoth visits were amazing…

At Marianne's, I found Pingo was a true gentleman…just like his son, though quite a bit smaller. In dog speak, Pingo conveyed his greetings to his other offspring with Annika (Skoen's siblings): Lexie, Disa and Frisco.

Marianne's other DSFs were fantastic too. Marianne's DSF family includes: My Bonnie (M.B.) Indyana Jones, M.B. Bikini Badenymfe, M.B. Bodille Babysitter, M.B. Forsøde Fine Freja, M.B. Calorius, Alfred, M.B. Burgerking Medium, M.B. Oh Mein Papa = Pingo, Orestadens Yndige Zora, Kitenga Ello Exxon, Sputnik's Frida, M.B. Gibbernakker og Krubbes Mirakulix, M.B. Duksedreng i Drejlsklæder. Plus Thor, a pointer.

And it's not just dogs; Marianne and Niels have a very fertile farm.  Along with Pingo, I met their pregnant mare, baby ducks, kittens, and more.

Visiting Lisette was of course DSF heaven. Adult Danish Swedish Farmdogs, teens and puppies too, everywhere. Lisette's brood includes: Prinsesse (Princess, Maddy's sister), Ditte (same Mother, so half sister), Klokkeblomst a daughter of Stump, and the female with puppies, which belongs to Lisette but usually doesn't live there, Ariel, and she too is a half sister. All of these dogs' mother (except Klokke) was Mulan, who passed away last year. She was Stump's daughter, so they are all his grandkids and kids.


Marianne, Pingo, and Susan

Marianne and Niels

Niels and Susan

Niels and Susan


Pingo and Susan

Pingo and Susan


I almost brought a puppy or two home with me.  If I hadn't had to fly back to the states via Paris I definitely would have. Maybe (well, probably) next time.

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