January 2020

January 2020

Quicksilver’s Extra Special 'Remington'

Sire: Matilde’s Tigger “I’m the Only One!”
Dam: Hennagardens Fara Felicita

Matilde's Tigger "I'm the Only One", 'Tigger'

Sire: Flora’s Ollalibery
Dam: MatIlde’s Nellie

Matilde’s Nellie 'Nellie'

Sire: Flora’s Cooper
Dam: Flora’s Matilde

Photo by: Bethany Goble

Photo by: Bethany Goble

February 2020

February 2020

Danasa’s Princess Anna 'Harlie'

Sire: Gonzo’s Folmer
Dam:  Danasa’s My Kelley’s Stitch in Time

Danasa’s Ocean’s Orange Pearl 'Pearl'

Sire:  Kitenga Mystify Matrix
Dam:  Danasa’s My Kelley’s Stitch in Time

Photo By:  Rachel Liput

March 2020


March 2020

Quicksilver Dark Horse Chardonnay 'Sam Colton'

Sire: Woppers Magic Moment
Dam: Hennagardens Fara Felicita

Photo by: Janet Cannon

April 2020

April 2020

Crow's Point August

Sire: Nydningen’s Dirk
Dam: The Emerald City Daisy

Photo by: Chris Parker, C. Parker & Company Photography

May 2020

May 2020

Stolta Ebbas Njord Noatun ‘Conner’

Sire: Stolta Ebbas Cernunnos af Mac Cee
Dam: Stolta Ebbas Irpa Idun Ilmatar

Winstrides’ Mae the Road Rise Up av Nordost ‘Mae’

Sire: Woppers Magic Moment
Dam: Flora's Winnemucca Neveda Gertude

Photo by: Monica Turner

June 2020

June 2020

Pradox’s Idyllisk 'Gustav'

Sire: Amribell’s Flashy Famous Friday
Dam: Drömvindens Halleluja Moment

Photo by: Geoffrey Sundstrom

July 2020

July 2020

From Left to Right

Continued from column 1

Little Denmark's Mount Silverheels 'Sussi'

Sire: My Bonnie Zeus Ztyer for Vildt
Dam: Little Denmark's Berta The Adventurer

Little Denmark's My Miny Stub Butt 'Nemo'

Sire: Himlatorp's Anton
Dam: Little Denmark's Ignite Me Ida

Little Denmark's Ignite Me 'Ida'

Sire: My Bonnie Plocka Poäng
Dam: Little Denmark's Mount Silverheels

Little Denmark's P 4 Power Play 'Pondus'

Sire: Lillstintans Kärlekskranke Knut
Dam: Little Denmark's 4-ever Fay

Little Denmark's P 4 Power Flower 'Brownie'

Sire: Lillstintans Kärlekskranke Knut
Dam: Little Denmark's 4-ever Fay

Photo by: Helene Riisgaard Pedersen

August 2020

August 2020

Puppies Left to Right: Cooibah's:
From a Salty Piece of Land
Just As Long As We're Together
Lucky You
Secrets and Surprises

Sire: Winstrid's Truly Great Expectations
Dam: Quicksilver's Charmed Glass Of Ice Wine

Photo by: Aimee Kincid


September 2020

September 2020

Paradox Kavorting Field Mice 'Mouse'

Sire: Amribell's Flashy Famous Friday
Dam: Drömvindens Halleluja Moment

Photo by: Martha Tubman


October 2020

October 2020

Topo Valley Three Fingered Jack 'Flapjack'

Sire: Sofalex Greve
Dam: Valhalla's Fiona

Photo by: Keb Brooke

November 2020

Novemner 2020

Stolta Ebbas Krimhild Kara af Alva 'Cricket'

Sire: Stolta Ebbas Cernunnos af Mac Cee
Dam: Stolta Ebbas Audhumbla Alva af Lin

Photo by: Cameron Bannasch

December 2020

December 2020

Topo Valley Joaquin Murietta  'Jack'

Sire:  Sofalex Greve Gimson
Dam:  Valhalla’s Fiona

Photo by: Samatha Marion

2020 Cover

Cover 2020
We Say good bye to:

Flora’s Annika 6/27/2002-6/10/2019


Litter 1
Annika’a Joaquin
Annika’s Mateo
Annika’s Tulare
Annika’s Mariposa
(Annika’s Pearl)
Litter 2
Pacific Rim’s Blondie
Pacific Rim’s Barbary Bart
Pacific Rim’s Bolinas Cloud
Pacific Rim’s Beau Bruno
Pacific Rim’s Bernalia Dot

Flora’s Buttercup (Hilde) 10/18/2003-1/2019


Winther’s Blanca 6/27/2006-12/2017

Hilde’s offspring

Winther’s Dot (Dakota)
Winther’s Lucy
Winther’s Lola (Cola)
Winther’s Simon (Venny)
Winther’s Buster
Winther’s Nash (Jip)
Winther’s Blanca

We say good bye to:
Flora’s Annika: 6/27/2002-6/10/2019
Flora’s Buttercup (Hilde): 10/18/2003-1/2019
Winther’s Blanca: 6/27/2006-12/2017

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