Dedicated to Annika's Joaquin "Frisco"
January 17, 2005 - September 12, 2017

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Little Denmark's Benedicte the Pioneer "Cheyenne" (California)
Photo Credit: Marcella Windslow

Matilde's I'm the Only One "Tigger", Matilde's Nellie "Nellie" and Flora's Make a Joyful Noise "Tabatha" (California)
Photo Credit: Sue Cohen

Little Denmark's Cheyenne "Scout"
Photo Credit: Jeri Reinhardt

Drömvinden's Hallelujah Moment "Drum" and Paradox Duck, Duck Goose "Goose" (Massachusetts)
Photo Credit: Allison Smith

Winther's Dot "Dakota" and Little Denmark's Kind of Kaluha "Kahlúa" (Washington)
Photo Credit Marganna King

Paradox By the Book "Fritz" (Massachucets)
Photo Credit: Alison Smith

Paradox Kennels Matrix X Ellie litter at 5 weeks (Massachusetts)
Photo Credit: Alison Smith

Topo Valley Joaquin Murietta "Jack" (California)
Photo Credit: Jack Mitsumori

Little Denmark's Calamity Jane "CJ" (Washington), Crow's Point Kennel August "August" (California) and Little Denmark's Kind of Kaluha "Kahlúa" (Washington)
Photo Credit: Marganna King

Bodelius Polly Sherman Tilly "Polly" and Little Denmark's Kind of Kream "Pym" (Maine)
Photo Credit: Kathy Barber

Kennel DANASA's Tiny Ocean Jasper "Clyde" (Colorado)
Photo Credit: Cindy Marintzer

Kitenga Jolly Joss "Joss" and puppies (Massachusetts)
Photo Credit: Alison Smith

Kitenga High Hope Harley "Harley", Paradox Do Me a Favor "Favor", Paradox Bread and Butter "Toast" and Drömvinden's Hallelujah Moment "Drum" (Massachusetts)
Photo Credit: Alison Smith

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